Frequently asked questions:

- How does it work?

It's a simple 3 steps process.

1. Identify unwanted items.

2. Give us a call.

3. We'll take care of the rest.

- Are you insured?

We have built a team of young, energetic professionally trained members who will move around your home or property as if it was our own. However, in the worst case scenario (which is very unlikely) if your premises is damaged during our visit, our members and trucks are fully insured, therefore there's NO risk. We are covered by Workers Compensation, General liability and theft/collision for the trucks.

- When should I book my appointment?

We provide same day service, next day service and even schedule appointments weeks in advance. However, we advise to schedule your pick up at your earliest opportunity as spots in our calendar fill up quick.

- Why would I choose Lightning Junk Removal instead of renting a dumpster?

When you choose us, you can rest assure that we will come in and take care of the situation as fast and reliable as possible. your only responsibility will be pointing at the junk to be removed and at the end it’s all included in one bill. When you rent a dumpster, lots of paperwork needs to be filled, you will have to do the cleanup yourself.

- Do you recycle?

A lot of effort goes into trying to keep as much garbage out of our landfills as possible. Whenever we can contribute to making "waste"a reusable material, then count us in!

- What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept

- Cash

 - All major credit cards

and check(s). 

- Can I schedule a pick up after hours?

Give us a call and we will make the necessary arrangements to help you with your project.

- What items are prohibited to haul away?

While we can take almost ANYTHING. There are certain items that require a different disposal process and should be handled by organizations properly licensed. These items are:

- Propane Gas tanks

- Gasoline containers filled with gasoline.

- Paint 

- Asbestos

- Oil tanks 

- Chemicals

- Flammables

Still confused or have any additional questions? Ask away! 
we are happy to clear any doubts or concerns!